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                                                                            About Us

PixController, Inc. specializing in wireless IoT "Internet of Things" products for outdoor applications designed for long-term monitoring of remote sites without AC power or wired Internet. Our systems are self-contained, solar powered/battery operated, with wireless telemetry options from cellular to satellite. Headquartered in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA, PixController, Inc. has been innovative products since 2001. To read more about the company history click here

All of our products are designed by our engineers and manufactured by our skilled technicians within our facilities in the USA.
We take great pride in thinking outside the box and exploring ways to continue to improve our products. Each of our products is put through real-world testing conditions before it is shipped to our customers ensuring high customer satisfaction.

We are proud to count among our customers the U.S. Marshal Service, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), the National Parks Service (NPS), US Military Branches, the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel, and National Geographic to name a few.


At the heart of all of our IoT products is the M2M Connect Technology hardware platform. The M2M Connect Technology is a proprietary modular wireless platform solution designed exclusively by PixController, Inc. This technology combines hardware, firmware, and software for monitoring remote wireless M2M (Machine to Machine) battery powered applications. This modular approach allows a host of products to be configured from remote security applications to industrial data logging and sensor monitoring.

The M2M Connect Technology architecture combines cameras, sensors, trigger modules, solar charging, GPS receivers, and external machine interface ports with wireless data transmission for real-time monitoring of remote areas without power or Internet. This architecture was designed for long term field deployment operation in mind and is extremely battery efficient.

M2M Connect Technology enables us to design a host of products ranging from motion-activated cellular security cameras to remote sensor monitoring. This technology even enables us to combine remote sensor monitoring with the ability to interface cameras to provide photos upon alarm events.


The M2M Connect Cloud is a complete IoT cloud solution compatible with all wireless M2M Connect Technology products. The cloud provides an easy to manage dashboard interface for all of your remotely deployed systems whether they are security cameras, environmental data loggers, or covert streaming cameras. Manage all of your devices from your PC, Mac, Tablet, and Smart Phone devices with a browser app.

Award Winning Technology


PixController, Inc. products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

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