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News Release

Date:              May 20, 2004

Black bear spotted in Murrysville

            Murrysville , PAAttracting a large black bear was not exactly what the Powers’ of Murrysville had in mind when they filled their birdfeeder on Wednesday, May 19. But that’s exactly what they got.

After three nights of waking to find their bird feeder in shambles, William and Peggy Powers of Haymaker Farm Rd. decided to find out what was causing all the damage. They called their son for help. Their son, Bill Powers, Jr. is the owner of and inventor of the Penn’s Woods Digital-Scout.

Assuming it was just a bunch of destructive raccoons, Powers set up one of the new Penn’s Woods DS-04 Digital-Scout camera systems as well as one of his homemade video trail cameras to try to catch the little troublemakers. But to everyone’s surprise, when Powers retrieved the cameras Thursday morning, he had about 20 digital images and some great video footage of a large black bear raiding the feeder. The bear made his visit at 10:22 pm; just about one hour after Powers set the cameras up on Wednesday night. The bear has been estimated at approximately 250-300 lbs.

The video can be viewed at

PixController is a company founded by William Powers, Jr. of Murrysville that specializes in circuit boards that control the shutter of digital, 35mm and video cameras. The control boards work using an integrated passive infrared (PIR) motion control circuit to trigger a camera device. When attached to a camera, the board triggers the system whenever a combination of motion and body heat is sensed. To learn more about PixController control boards, visit

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