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Product Overview
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Discontinued Product

The long awaited CellularEye™ II is due to be released early fall of 2009. This system will include a choice of GSM/GPRS or CDMA cellular radio and/or WiFi radio with a color by day and IR by night Camera, and optional on-board GPS. Photos will be emailed directly to you within 30 seconds of trigger.

The CellularEye II will be available with either an on-board PIR motion sensor or in RF Wireless PIR motion sensor version.

Price and availability shortly. Be sure to sign up for our email Newsletter to get the latest information!

Patent Pending Design

With the CellularEye™ you are not limited to any cellular service provider or cellular contract. You are free to choose from a wide range of wireless service providers and service contracts. When you pick a service contract, you'll want to purchase an unlimited picture plan.  And since sending photos does not use plan minutes, you should choose the plan with the least amount of minutes. If your family already uses a family plan, just add an additional line for your CELLULAREYE!  Adding a phone to an existing cellular contract is usually much less expensive.

Locate cellular phone coverage in your area before picking a cellular provider below:

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The CellularEye product has been discontinued and replaced with the Raptor Wireless Camera series. The Raptor Wireless Camera series includes built in day color, night IR camera, and choice of Cellular GSM/GPRS modem, Wi-Fi modem, and/or Long Range Wireless mode. Click here for information on the PixController Raptor System.

Introducing the Worlds First cellular trail camera, the new C
ELLULAREYE brought to you by PixController, Inc. This new trail camera system will revolutionize the way you scout your next trophy deer, research wildlife, or protect your property with the best "mobile" security camera on the market today! 

With our advanced and integrated PIR motion detector the
CELLULAREYE will capture a full color digital photo (up to 1.3 mega pixels with the new Treo 700p) and email it to your PC or cell phone within one minute after motion is detected. You will know instantly when that trophy deer or trespasser passes in front of your camera.

Note: Our
CellularEye™ will send the photo as an attachment to the email so you will instantly know what triggered the camera unlike other cellular systems which email you a text message only notifying you to log into an internet web site to view your photo.

Our true wireless system will sent your photos from anywhere to anywhere! You have the ability to setup multiple email address to send your photos, and include a text message with your photo such as a GPS position and location information. Along with your email you will receive information on the battery level on the cell phone, and the amount of free photo memory.

The cell phone is also completely removable for every day use! Not only will your photos be emailed to you, but they will also be stored on the cell phone as a back up. Simply add larger photo memory card to store thousands of photos! Cell phone sold separately.

Supports the Palm Treo 600, Treo 650, and Treo 700p Smart Phones.

Choose your cellular provider and cellular package. Don't be forced into a cellular service or provider not present in your area! 

New for the 2008 Model CellularEye™

The new 2008 model of the CellularEye™ will include the new features:
  • Support for the following new Treo phones: Treo 680, 750P, 755P, and new Centro
  • Extended battery life with new electronics that will extend battery life over 5X of previous model.
  • New Wireless RF model which will include remote wireless PIR sensors like our DVREye Wireless RF model.

Purchase CELLULAREYE in Black Case
Part Number: CAM001-BLK

Discontinued Product.
Please see our new Raptor Cellular System



  • Integrated Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor which is triggered by "body heat and motion".
  • PIR detection range out to 80+ feet. 
  • Night Flash range 60+ feet.
  • Transfer full color digital photos (up to 1.3 mega pixel) via e-mail through cellular transmission upon motion detection.
  • Cellular photo transmission time ~1 minute.
  • Transmit your photos to your PC or another cellular phone.
  • Easily setup which email address(s) you want your photos sent to with an easy to use software application on the cell phone.
  • Cell phone is removable for every day use.
  • Enclosed in a rugged and waterproof case - choice of colors: Realtree Hardwoods® Green HD finish, black or gray.
  • Select from a wide variety of Cellular services.
  • Easily setup/change delays between photo, day only - night only - 24 hour photo taking.
  • Transmit a text message along with your photo. Includes cellular phone battery life and free photo space on cellular phone memory.
  • Add a digital camera memory card to increase cellular phone photo memory.
  • Add a solar panel to keep your CellularEye™ charged for longer field use.

PixController, Inc. products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

Copyright ©, PixController, All Rights Reserved.

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