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Product Overview
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Overview | Specs | DVREye Wireless PIR Model | Locking/Mounting | Movie Examples


DVREye™ Wireless Sensor System

DVREye™ Camera Mount


The DVREye™ will revolutionize the way video game scouting is done, and will prove to be a “must have” tool for the serious hunter.  

The overall unit size is about ¼ the size of current camcorder based video scouting cameras and weights much less as well. The cost of the DVREye™ will be about ½ the price of camcorder based units.

With the ability to capture full color day footage and undetectable night IR footage all with sound right out of the box will be a tool well worth the investment. All this with fast start up time and no noisy camcorder to scare the game. Never again will you have to worry about your expensive camcorder freezing in cold weather or being damaged by humid weather.

What’s included with your DVREye™:

  •  DVREye™ system case with motion control electronic and video camera

  • 12V SLA rechargeable battery

  • 12V battery charging unit

  • Neuros Recorder2 DVR (memory cards are not included)

  • PixController DVREye™ CD with manuals and media player

  • DVREye™ Wireless RF System includes RF antenna and (1) X10 Wireless PIR motion sensor

Using Personal Video Players (PVP)

Personal Video Players or PVP's are a great tool for your DVREye. Many PVP's today come with a large internal memory or hard disk, which means you can download your videos from the DVREye CF/DUO memory to the PVP when checking your  camera system. This means you no longer have to purchase 2 memory cards per system.

The PixController DVREye™ (Digital Video Recorder) is a complete (PIR) motion triggered video recording system packaged in an OD Green water-proof housing for recording wildlife movements. The motion detection range is over 80 feet. Video recordings are saved on standard Compact Flash (CF) card in a MPEG4 video recording format. Simply turn the internal power switch to the “on” position, close the case, and wait the 1.5 minute motion control warm up time and the DVREye™ will be ready for motion event video recording. Captures more than 1 hour of footage at 640 X 480 @ 30 Frames per second in high resolution with Sound on a 1Gb memory card (captures more footage at lower resolutions). Connects to your TV for play back, PC with memory card reader, or carry your Personal Video Player (PVP) in the woods to view your video clips. Email your video clips to friends without needing expensive video capture equipment like you do with camcorder system.

The advantages the DVREye™ has over traditional camcorder motion event recording systems are that the video camera switches to full color during daylight hours and stealth IR mode for night recording automatically with IR illumination out to 60+ feet. Sound is also recorded with your video, which is a very important feature when recording wildlife especially. Being that there are no mechanical parts for running camcorder tape recording the DVREye™ can be used in much lower temperature conditions where a camcorder will often freeze, and it can be used in much more humid weather conditions where a camcorder can be damaged by moisture, and will power up much faster than camcorders will. The DVR and Video Camera are powered by a rechargeable 12V SLA 3.4 AH battery, which under normal use can last up to 3 weeks of unattended use. A solar panel can be added as an accessory item to charge the 12V SLA battery an unlimited unattended use time.
Not only will the DVREye™ capture full resolution video in full color at day and IR at night, but it will capture amazing sounds along with the video. Capturing sound adds a whole new dimension to video scouting. You will feel like you're there in the woods. Be sure to check out the movie example video clips taken with the DVREye™.

Part Number: DVR001

Price: $595.95

Out of stock
Call 724-733-0970 for availability


DVREye™ Wireless PIR Model
Part Number: DVR002

Price: $695.95

 DVREye™ Wireless Sensor System includes the DVREye system with built in wireless receiver and antenna. Includes one wireless PIR sensor. Unit can be triggered by multiple wireless sensor units. Sensor units can be up to 70' from DVR unit.

Out of stock
Call 724-733-0970 for availability

Wireless PIR Motion Sensor
Part Number: SEN001

The PixController Wireless PIR Motion Sensor can be used with the entire PixController RF wireless product line including but not limited to the DVREye RF wireless, and DigitalEye RF wireless products.

Price: $129.95


Metal Locking Security Enclosure
Part Number: ENC002

Description: Welded steel and powder coated locking security enclosure. Mount to a tree with a ratchet strap or lag bolts or secure with cable and a closed shank lock. It allows for approximately 30 degrees of adjustment in any direction and mounts easily to give the perfect angle on surface. Fits
DVREye™ and DVREye™ Wireless RF Systems.
(Width = 9 7/8" x Height = 9 3/4" x Deep = 5 3/4"). Weight: 17 lbs

Price: $139.95

MasterLock® Python™ Locking Cable
Part Number: HWD006

Description: Locking cable system for trail/scouting cameras. Comes in Advantage Timber camo pattern and keyed differently.

Price: $19.95


PixController, Inc. products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

Copyright ©, PixController, All Rights Reserved.

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