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Black Bear Captured on Video

, PA –
Capturing a video clip of a large black bear was about the last thing Bill Powers expected to see when checking one of his wildlife video systems this morning near a residential area in Murrysville, but that’s exactly what happened. Powers knew there must have been something large in the area as he approached his camera system only to find it pushed to the bottom of the tree it was attached to.
Powers, founder of PixController, Inc., was testing one of their new motion-activated wildlife video system products, the DVREye™; which captured about ten minutes of this impressive black bear. The bear is estimated to weigh around 300 pounds. The video was captured on October 5 at 3:30 AM about 50 yards from houses in the Marlee Acres housing plan in Murrysville, PA.

This is not the first time Powers has recorded a black bear in Murrysville on one of his wildlife systems. Back in May of 2004 he captured a video clip of a black bear feeding from a bird feeder in a relative’s yard. Click here for story.

Powers uses the woods of Murrysville for the testing of all of PixController’s new trail camera products.

Click here to watch the video: Black Bear Video

Click here to read the Murrysville Penn-Franklin News Article


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