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If you're a resident of Wisconsin be sure to check out our new TV show we're sponsoring this season, Wild WISCONSIN. This season the Wild Wisconsin crew will be using the PixController DigitalEye™, DVREye™, and CellularEye™ game cameras to scout whitetail deer from week to week. Be sure to check out this unique hunting TV series which features Wisconsin whitetail filmed only the week before airing! Other hunting TV series air hunts from the 2005 season.

Special thanks to PixController team member Rich Lasko, and Wild Wisconsin member Keith Hiebing for making this all happen.

David & Christine Nelson
Owners of Timberline Adventures
Hosts of Wild Wisconsin

Wild Wisconsin is a new series that will begin airing in September, 2006.  Your hosts David and Christine Nelson along with family and friends will bring you the up to date happenings on whitetail hunting in Wisconsin.

Viewing Times:

WFRV Greenbay
6:00 AM Sunday  Channel 5  

WVTV Milwuakee
11:00 AM Sunday Channel 18  

WISC Madison
6:30 AM Sunday Channel 3  

WSAW Wausau
7:30 AM Sunday Channel 7

WXOW/WQOW Eau Claire
6:30 AM Saturday  Channels 18/19  

Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin residents be sure to check us out this fall in the Outdoor News - "The Sportsman Weekly Hunting/Fishing Publications".

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