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Wolverines in the Arctic

By Jeremi Skelton

Environmental consulting has itís perks.  The company I work for was grated a contract a few years ago to conduct a series of long term wildlife monitoring in the arctic, of various northern species. 

I was fortunate enough to be one of the guys helping out with the wolverine monitoring.  The wolverine monitoring involves driving a snowmobile across the tundra and counting wolverine tracks and sign. 

I figured that there could be a great opportunity to get yet another species on my scouting cam, so I packed it along in hopes that a opportunity would arise.  Near the end of the 1 week survey, my partner and I came across a wolverine den with lots of activity around it.  This was the first one either of us had ever seen.  I ran the idea past my partner and before long I had my P41/PixController LE unit, positioned only a few feet from the den opening. 

With no trees or anything to attach the cam to a little creativity was in order.  I used 2 pieces of plywood as stakes, stuck in the snow, and wrapped my EZ-Webb bungee around it.  I was bit worried that the big weasel would come back to it den and mess with my cam; so, to avoid having to reach down a wolverine hole to retrieve my cam, I decided to tie it off to a large boulder. We left it for 2 full days in the blustery -50 degree Celsius environment and checked it on the morning of day 3.

The board and cam performed flawlessly and the set was a huge success!  My first, and possibly only, wolverine trail cam pics!



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