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PixController Universal Camera Controller Board 
Overview - Main Page

Overview Specs Board Dimensions Motion Sensor Camera Port Phone Jack 2.5mm Port

Discontinued Product

The new PixController Universal is a complete electronic circuit board kit, which can be used to construct your own Wildlife Trail Camera System, Remote Security Camera System, Nanny Camera, and much more!! The PixController Universal uses a Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor which detects body heat and motion to trigger the camera system.  The built in day/night sensor lets you control taking photos in the day, night, or 24 hours. The easy to use "User DIP Switch" will allow you to adjust the delay between photos, camera shutter modes, day/night operation, taking digital stills, movies or double photo mode, and setup the Walk-Test PIR mode and much more! There is even an external light port for connecting flood lights, slave flash units, and IR LED Illuminators for night photography. 

PixController, Inc. is the leader in the field for camera interfacing. We can control more cameras than any other system on the market today combined! You will be able to connect hundreds of different digital cameras, 35mm cameras, and video camcorders to your PixController Universal board. Our boards are often copied, but never matched in performance, technology, and quality.


Supported Cameras

JVC JLIP Connect any JVC camcorder with a JLIP port.
LANC Connect Sony and Canon camcorders with LANC ports.
Auto detects between NTSC and PAL version camcorders!
ACC Terminal Connect high end Sony digital cameras with ACC Terminal ports. Plug-n-Play!
RS-232 Connect digital cameras with RS-232 ports. A list of supported cameras is listed on the page. Plug-n-Play!
RSS/RSP RSS - "Always On Controller" for the Olympus D-370, D-380, and most 35mm cameras
RSP - "On/Off Controller" by switching on and off and external power supply. Can be used with the D-370, D-380, D-390, D-395.
RSP3i/RSP4i "On/Off Controller" using the internal camera batteries for digital cameras with lens cover slides such as the Olympus D-370, D-380, D-390, D-395, D-540, D-560, D580.
Sony Sony DSC models: P31, P32, P41, P51, P52, P72.
Sony DSC models: U10, U20, U30, U40
Minolta Minolta DiMage X20. Most "Pulse On/Off" digital cameras.
Other Digital's Tips on modifying digital cameras not on our current list.

Technical Information

Board Specs.
Board Dimensions/Templates
PIR Sensitivity POT
Day/Night Sensor POT
User DIP Switch
PIR Sensor/PIR Lens
Creating Time-Lapse Photos
Selecting PIC Chips

Interface Ports

2.5mm Connector
External Light
Camera Port
Phone Jack Port
Power Connector
Adding a Counter

PIC Chip DIP Switch Settings

RSP-U DIP Switch Settings
RSP-V2-U DIP Switch Settings
RSP3i-U/RSP4i-U DIP Switch Settings
RSS-U DIP Switch Settings
RSS Fast-U DIP Switch Settings
Sony P32/P41 DIP Switch Settings 
Now with Trail Mode™
Sony S40/S600 DIP Switch Settings
Now with Trail Mode™
Sony U30/Minolta DIP Switch Settings
RS-232-U DIP Switch Settings
LANC-JVC-U DIP Switch Settings
ACC Terminal-U DIP Switch Settings
DVR/Camera DIP Switch Settings


Trouble Shooting

Example Trail Camera Systems

LANC Camcorder w/ Video Light
Minolta DiMage X20 Digital
Sony DSC-P41 Digital
Olympus D-360L Digital
Olympus D-380 Digital
Olympus D-395 Digital

Controller Universal Board Layout

This new camera controller board is smaller in size, only 1 ½” X 3 ¼”, and it uses 60%-90% less power than the original PixController board. This board is all of the original PixController boards wrapped into one, thus the name Universal. It can be configured as any of the following - RSS or RSP (hardwired cameras), Sony/Canon LANC camcorder control, JVC JLIP camcorder control, RS-232 digital camera control board, and many more simply by swapping PIC chips. Now you can even use your Universal board for time-lapse photography! This allows your board to change as your needs do.  All of the current PIC chips will be available for the new Universal board along with some new chips. PIC chips will only cost $3, as they do now. One chip of your choice will come with the board. Also included with this board are: a PIR lens,  choice of 2.5mm stereo cable or phone style camera cable, power connector, and external light connector.

New Features

  • New PIR sensor that will allow the board to be mounted horizontally or vertically without needing the PIR sensor to be rotated like you see in other board designs.  
  • Power consumption: Universal Version 1 will run off of a 4 AA battery supply from 6-8 months depending on operating temperature. The new Universal V3 will run on 4 AA batteries for over 2 years, and off of a 9V battery from 4-5 months depending on operating temperature.
  • 2.5mm stereo connector that can be configured for either a LANC port, ACC Terminal port, JVC JLIP port, RS-232 port, RSS/RSP, RSP3i & RSP4i, Direct Hardwire camera port (for various digital and 35mm cameras), and others with solder jumpers.
  • Camera Phone Jack port, which has the following camera controls: Shutter, Refresh, Power On/Off, and Common connections. This is a nice port to easily disconnect cameras from the board.
  • Reverse polarity protection. This means if you connect your battery up backwards to the board you will not damage the board.
  • Camera Port - solder type connector. Includes Shutter, Refresh, Power On/Off, LANC, RS-232 Rx, RS-232 Tx, and Common.
  • External light port control. Can switch up to a 4.2 amp supply, and as always PixController uses a MOSFET for this control. Switch either a light source or an IR illuminator.
  • Right angle mounted DIP switch that will allow you to mount the board either to the lid or to the case and gain access to the switch. No need to order front or back mounted boards anymore.
  • Right angle mounted single turn PIR sensitivity POT.  
  • Day/Night sensor with light level adjusting POT
  • Right angle power and external light connections. Cables can be removed in any board orientation.
  • Dual LED’s for better board diagnostics: Red LED showing board functions, and Green LED showing PIR functions and low battery indicator.
  • Low battery indicator with automatic PIR shut down to prevent false triggers.
  • Rugged and stable PIR circuitry, which works very well in cold conditions, as well as hot conditions. Detection range can be over 100 feet under the right conditions.
  • Day/Night sensor for day only, night only, and 24 hour board use.
  • Four layer, surface mount board, which is compact and state of the art.
  • DIP Switch for easy set-up your board. Set PIR delays (delays between motion events), day/night/24 hour mode, still and movie modes, and much more.

New power up features: (auto walk test mode!)

When turning power on to your Universal board both the red and green LED will light up. They will both stay on for 30 seconds. This time will allow the PIR circuit to warm up. After this time expires the green LED will turn off and the red LED will blink 5 times letting you know that the board is entering a 1 minute automatic walk-test phase. At this point you can move around the camera setup and check out the PIR area. Both the green and red LED’s will light when motion is detected. After the 1 minute automatic walk-test phase expires the red LED will blink 5 times letting you know the camera system will now become active.

What's Included

Every PixController Universal board includes the following items:
  • Choice of: Camera Phone Cable or 2.5mm Stereo Cable (32" long)

  • PIR Lens (0.65" Focal Length)

  • External Light Cable

  • Power Cable

Included Photo Software!
PixController, Inc. is the only manufacturer of trail camera 
control boards to include powerful photo browsing software, 
Visual Media Explorer
FREE with the purchase of a board.
 A $24.95 value!

You will receive download instructions with your shipment.
For more information visit




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