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M2M Connect Cloud

The M2M Connect Cloud is a complete IoT "Internet of Things" cloud solution compatible with all wireless PixController, Inc. products with our exclusive M2M Connect Technology IoT hardware platform. The cloud provides an easy to manage dashboard interface for all of your remotely deployed systems whether they are security cameras, environmental data loggers, or covert streaming cameras. Manage all of your devices from your PC, Mac, Tablet, and Smart Phone devices with a browser app.

For a demonstration of the M2M Connect Cloud system visit
Demo Login Account
Password: demo123


M2M Connect Cloud Start-Up Guide

M2M Connect Cloud RemoteStream Demo Guide


The M2M Connect Cloud
dashboard displays all of your connected PixController devices on an easy to manage Google Maps display. Device status information including signal level, battery level, and alarm status are readily available from the dashboard interface. Quick links provide access to device data display and device management.

Camera Image Display & Management

View images and streaming video from remote camera devices such as our Raptor Camera Remote Trigger, and UndercoverEye Raptor cameras. Download and archive images and video clips through the easy to use interface. Get current device status information such as battery level, signal level, and internal temperature. Capture photos on demand or trigger the solenoid with a push of a button.

Click on any image in the display and management page to expand. Download or enlarge & pan the image for seeing image details.

Enlarge & pan on images to read details including license plates.

Photos On-Demand

Trigger a remote photo on demand or trigger a solenoid with the press of a button.

RemoteMonitor Data Logging Sensor Data

View sensor data in real-time from any of our RemoteMonitor
data logging devices. Data is archived and displayed in graphical views. Users have the ability to expand and traverse the entire data set with added functionally of custom downloading to a standard Microsoft Excel .CSV (comma separated value) file format for analytical data interpretations. Archive data for reporting.


Remote Streaming Video Control

View and control your RemoteStream streaming video system and RemoteStream Covert system from the device panel. Turn on, off, and reboot your RemoteStream system. View battery and signal status, and access the IP camera and/or Gateway without needing to remember the IP address. With the PixController streaming video service you will be able to embed the live stream into your own website.
Log into the IP camera for Pan-Tilt-Zoom control and setting up video recording.

Remote Device Control and Operating Parameters

Remotely configure RemoteMonitor data acquisition rates, configure Raptor camera trigger events or time-lapse events.

Adjust device operation conditions such as day only, night only, 24-hours, or advanced scheduling.

Transmit commands such as on-demand photo, request battery or signal level status, power power device on/off, and external control of solenoids and motors.

Alarms and Alerts

Customize alarm and alert parameters for each device. Set levels of alerts for caution and alarm signals, and configure notifications through email or SMS text messaging. Configure separate alarm sensor responses for scientists and device maintenance alarm events for field operators from a single device.

Archive all alarm and alerts events.


All products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

Copyright , PixController, All Rights Reserved.

Remote Security Cameras & Environmental Monitoring Systems