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M2M Connect Technology

Modem Port Supporting 2G/3G GRPS/HSPA, CDMA Cellular, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Satellite, LAN
External Trigger Port Supporting PixController Trigger Modules Including: PIR Motion, Wireless Sensor, Qual-Tron, Inc. Ground Sensors, RS-232/RS-485 Industrial Sensors
Xbee®/ZigBee® Port
WIZNet® Ethernet Port
Auxiliary Port - Analog Inputs, Digital I/O, Output Control
UART Port, RS-232, and RS-485
Digital Camera Port
Mini DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Port
LCD Display w/ 5-Button User Interface
USB OTG supporting up to 32GB USB Flash Drive
Built-in 12V solar charging port


The M2M Connect Technology is an innovative IoT hardware platform developed by PixController, Inc. This modular wireless platform design combines hardware, firmware, and software for monitoring remote wireless M2M (Machine to Machine) battery powered applications. The foundation of the hardware was designed for long-term monitoring in remote locations. This modular approach allows a host of products to be configured from remote security applications to industrial data logging and sensor monitoring.

The M2M Connect Technology architecture combines cameras, sensors, trigger modules, solar charging, GPS receivers, and external machine interface ports with wireless data transmission for real-time monitoring of remote areas without power or Internet. This architecture was designed for long term field deployment operation in mind and is extremely battery efficient.

The M2M Connect Technology enables us to design a host of products ranging from motion-activated cellular security cameras to remote sensor monitoring. This technology even enables us to combine remote sensor monitoring with the ability to interface cameras to provide photos upon alarm events.

The M2M Connect Technology also provides an excellent platform for the "Internet of Things" (IoT) by transmitting real-time data our M2M Connect Cloud for data review, analytics, alarm notification, and remote sensor field control.

Since the M2M Connect Technology platform was designed to be powered by batteries this is the prefect platform for remote sensor monitoring and security camera applications in areas without power or wired Internet.

Integrated modular plug-in-play telemetry options include GSM/GRPS - CDMA - 3G HSPA Cellular, b/g/n WiFi, LAN, and Satellite providing world-wide deployment coverage.


All products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

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