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Raptor System Introduction

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Introducing the all new PixController Raptor Wireless Camera Systems. The Raptor System is the only camera system on the market today that can transmit photos using Cellular or WiFi transmission. Raptor Systems are completely upgradeable. In fact a Raptor system can be configured with both wireless radio options. Raptor Systems can also be configured with in an on-board PIR motion sensor or wireless PIR motion sensor. The on-board or wireless PIR motion sensor option is also upgradeable. Lastly, your Raptor system can be configured with a 50 channel GPS receiver which will send you the location of your Raptor system along with a link to an aerial map. The Raptor camera system can even be controlled while in the field from your PC using our Remote Control option.

Photos will be sent using the popular POP3/SMTP email protocol to anywhere in the world. Multiple email addresses configurations allow photos to be sent to your PC, cellular phone, and a website at one time. Raptor systems are easily configured using the included PC software. The configuration file is stored onto an included USB Flash Drive which is inserted into the Raptor Wireless Camera. Raptor systems can be configured for POP3/SMTP Email, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Day/Night/24 Hour Operation, Scheduler, Motion-Activation or Time-Lapse, and delays between photos activations.

Raptor Wireless systems differ from completive systems in that our systems email photos attachments. You will be notified of a trigger event from your Raptor system within 30 seconds with a photo you can view directly on our computer and/or cellular phone. Competitive systems transmit the photo to a server then send you an email text message with a link to login to the server to view the photo. Competitive systems charge you large monthly fees, some are several hundreds dollars a month, for this service, and you are locked into one provider. With the Raptor Cellular systems, for example, you can pick your CDNA or GSM/GPRS service provider and choose a data plan that is much less expensive than our competitors. 

Fast 1 second trigger time means you won't miss any action. Remote wireless sensor version allows for covert setups to hide the camera and allows for multiple wireless sensors to cover larger detection areas. PixController, Inc. offers managed data plans for Verizon Wireless or AT&T Wireless: Click here for more information on Raptor Cellular Data Plans.

Raptor cellular systems can be configured with an unlocked GSM/GPRS cellular radio for coverage under GSM cellular providers.
 This option requires customers to purchase a SIM card from a GSM cellular provider and activate a cellular data plan. Other carriers with built-in support include SunCom, Rogers, T-Mobile, Petrocom, as well as a custom selection. Connectivity options vary amongst these providers, so please check with your provider for details. For more information on GSM cellular activations click here.

Note, the Raptor WiFi unit will not need a cellular data plan.

If no radio signal is present or the user does not wish to use the radio option, the Raptor Wireless Camera system can function as a stand alone unit like a trail camera. Photos will be captured and stored on the internal USB Flash Drive.

Be sure to check out our new Raptor Live Photo page. See photos from a Raptor Cellular/WiFi system sending photos live to our website and see how you can easily setup this feature yourself using pre-existing website tools.

Available with Metal Locking Enclosure and Integrated Solar Panel for site security

Remote Control Option

GPS Option includes links to aerial photo


Choose a wireless solution that works best for you

Raptor Cellular Camera System

The Raptor Cellular systems will transmit photos over a CDMA or GSM-GPRS cellular network to your PC and/or cellular phone. A cellular provider data package will need to be purchased. Click here for more information on the Raptor Cellular System.


Raptor WiFi Camera System

The Raptor Wi-Fi systems will transmit photos over a 802.11b/g wireless LAN network network to your PC and/or cellular phone. The wireless LAN network must be in line-of-sight to the Raptor Wi-Fi camera, however, using the included high gain directional antenna, ranges can be extended greatly to a mile or more. Range is limited by terrain and obstructions to the wireless LAN receiving antenna. Click here for more information on the Raptor Wi-Fi System. For more information on long range Wi-Fi antenna setups click here.





All products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

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