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Raptor Camera Example Photos

Raptor System Photo Examples

Raptor wireless camera can capture and transmit photos up to 2.0 Mega Pixel in resolution. Once a photo is sent it can be received within 30 seconds on your PC and/or cellular phone depending on transmission speeds and photo size.

Photos will be captured in color at day and IR (Infrared) "no flash mode" at night with a lighting fast 1-second trigger time. The example photos show the full range of light conditions and what you can expect from your Raptor system.

2.0 Mega Pixel (1600 X 1200) Raptor Camera Photo Examples
Click on photos to see full sized



Adjustable resolution size supported:

  • 80 X 60

  • 160 X 120

  • 320 X 240

  • 640 X 480     (VGA)

  • 800 X 600

  • 1024 X 768

  • 1280 X 960   (1.3 Mega Pixel)

  • 1600 X 1200 (2.0 Mega Pixel)

Notes on camera resolution:
The Raptor camera system is shipped with a default resolution of 640 X 480 pixels (VGA). To adjust the camera resolution please use the included Raptor Config PC application.

Typical daytime VGA photo size is ~30Kb and night photos ~25Kb. Typical daytime 2.0 Mega Pixel ~280Kb and night photos ~180Kb. Larger photo resolutions require more data and longer transmission speeds which can decease battery life.

     GPS Option includes links to aerial
     photos of Raptor camera location
Raptor Cellular Camera System Email with Photo Attached Example

Camera Description: Raptor Demo Unit

Trigger Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2015
Trigger Time: 15:33:29 -0400
Trigger Source: Built-in PIR
Since last start: 76 triggers, 76 transmitted

Signal Strength: Excellent (5/5)
Cellular Operator: AT&T
Raptor Device Phone Number: 17243969116
Raptor Device IMEI Number: 011345001540836

Battery Level: 100% (12.9 volts)
Internal Temperature: 93F (34C)

Lat/Long: 40.40318, -79.60355 (40 24.1908' N, 79 36.2128' W)
Elev: 1258' (383 m)
Quality: Good
Timestamp: 23 Jun 2010 15:15:36 -0400
Click for Google Map
Click for Bing Map

Filename on flash drive: \PIX\IMAGES\00009\03102613.jpg
Attachment Filename: Cam00_20100623_153329.jpg

*** This e-mail auto-generated by the PixController Raptor V3.60c ***




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