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WiFi Camera System


Raptor Camera Manual

M2M Connect Cloud Start-Up Guide

Transmit to WiFi 802.11 b/g/n Access Point (Hotspot)
No Data Plans
Transmit Over A Mile With High Gain Antenna
Long Battery Life
No PC Base Station Needed
Remote Control Feature
No Flash To Alert Subject
Emails Photos Directly To You

The Raptor WiFi camera system is a first of its kind. This camera unit will capture a photo upon motion-activation and transmit the photo through a WiFi Access Point, "Hot Spot". No dedicated PC base station is needed! The camera is trigged by an integrated PIR motion sensor, or external wireless sensor, depending on the model purchased. Once triggered the Raptor will capture a photos and email it to your PC and/or cell phone within 30-seconds of the trigger event.

The Raptor WiFi is compatible with any 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN networks.

Raptor WiFi camera transmission range depends on the antenna on your wireless router and line of sight (LOS) between the Raptor WiFi camera and the wireless access point. Typical range with the included OMNI antenna is about 300 feet. Ranges in excessive of 1 mile or more can be achieved using a high gain direction antenna on the Raptor system and a high gain OMNI mast antenna on the WiFi access point. Click here for
information on long range Wi-Fi antenna solutions.

The Raptor includes a 12V SLA rechargeable battery & charger. The battery can last in the field up to 3 months of unattended use, or over a year with the Solar Panel option. The built-in camera will capture up to a 2.0 mega pixel photo. The photo is stored on the internal USB flash drive as well as being emailed to you. Photo are capture in color at day, and a no-flash IR mode at night so it will no alert the attention of the camera.

The system includes an easy to use M2M Connect Cloud web-based application to setup your Raptor camera using your PC, MAC, smart phone, or tablet. Share you login with others to view photos from your camera. Features include day, night, 24 hr. operation, motion or time-lapse activation, delays between photos, option to send a daily status text email giving unit battery life, email addresses, and scheduler to disable to system during different times of the day - example: disable the system MON-FRI 8AM - 5PM for jobsite applications.

Advanced features include a Remote Control option which will let you acquire photos on demand from your PC while your Raptor is in the filed. Other remote control options allow you to check battery status, get GPS location with the optional GPS receiver, and even update the Raptor configuration such as add email addresses.

The Raptor system can be configured with the following options:

  • Built-In PIR Motion Sensor, or Wireless Sensor. Click here for more information on our wireless sensors.
  • GPS Receiver Option
  • Metal Locking Enclosure with Integrated Solar Panel


Raptor WiFi Camera Models



Raptor WiFi

Raptor WiFi
Wireless Sensor

Raptor WiFi
w/ Metal-Solar

Raptor WiFi
Wireless Sensor
w/ Metal-Solar



Raptor WiFi camera w/ built-in PIR Motion sensor
Raptor WiFi camera wireless sensor version. Includes PIR wireless sensor model SEN-004
Raptor WiFi camera w/ built-in PIR Motion sensor. Includes metal locking enclosure w/ solar panel model ENC-004
Raptor WiFi camera wireless sensor version. Includes PIR wireless sensor model SEN-004 and metal locking enclosure w/ solar panel model ENC-004


 Part Number: RAP-003
 Part Number: RAP-004
 Part Number: RAP-007
 Part Number: RAP-008



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