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Real-Time Wireless Weather Station w/ Optional Camera


Contact PixController for product options and pricing at:

Real-Time SMS and/or E-Mail notification of alarms

Integrated camera captures photos on alarms events

Time-Lapse camera function for remote daily visual inspection
Configure device remotely through M2M Connect Cloud
Cloud data viewing, analytics, and storage
Remotely monitor battery, internal temperature, and telemetry signal levels
Built-in GPS receiver (Optional)
USB Flash Drive storage to 32GB storing
Optional camera
Field deployments over a year with integrated solar

Rugged outdoor NEMA enclosure
Compact  8"W x 12"H x 6"D size weighing only 10lbs!
Continuous field monitoring with small solar panel.


  • Monitor remote location for real-time weather conditions

  • Detecting fast-moving weather conditions for real-time public response

  • Alerts agriculture growers to real-time frost conditions, reducing risk of crop damage.

  • Monitor snow conditions for recreation and public safety

The RemoteMonitor Weather Station is designed to monitor and manage weather data from remote locations. The system is a self-contained, battery operated real-time wireless weather station and includes integrated HD 1080P camera displaying visual weather conditions. This system was specifically designed to monitor sensors in remote areas without power or Internet over long periods.

The integrated ultrasonic weather sensor has no moving parts and collects wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, relative humidity, dew point, and temperature weather data.

Weather data sample times can be remotely adjusted from 10 minute to 1 day. Weather data will be wirelessly transmitted to our Cloud server with custom dashboard options over WiFi, Cellular, or Satellite telemetry options. Integrated high-resolution camera will capture photos every hour or once a day. Alarm events can be set on various parameters such as large change in temperature or barometric pressure with real-time notification via SMS or Email with photo attached.

Advanced features include programmable alarm events, tamper detection, USB flash drive data storage up to 32 GB, and GPS location. Includes an easy to use menu key system and LCD display for field technicians. Can run continuously with a standard 12V SLA battery and small 10W solar panel.

Easily manage all of your RemoteMonitor Weather Station devices with the M2M Connect Cloud. The web-based portal lets you adjust remote device configuration and sensor data management. RemoteMonitor™ devices can be configured using a standard web browser on PC’s, Smart Phones, and Tablets. Click here for more information.

  • Real-Time alarm event notifications: Sensor Values, Low Battery, and Tamper Detection
  • Receive events via E-Mail & SMS
  • Remote device set up & Management and Alarms Configuration
  • View time-lapse photos
  • View Battery & Signal Levels
  • Manage Devices on integrated Google Maps




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