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RemoteStream Covert Streaming Video System

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Start/Stop Video Stream via Sensor Trigger, Text Message, Schedule, or Time-Lapses
Includes Mega Pixel H.264 IP Camera
Remote Battery Monitoring
Dual Camera option w/DVR Video Recording and JPEG Photo Notification
External 12V Charging Option
Built-in GPS receiver (Optional)
PixController Wireless Sensor Trigger Option

The Raptorô RemoteStream camera system is a self-contained battery operated streaming video system designed for outdoor remote surveillance. Streaming video over 3G/4G cellular networks. Dual cellular modems enable the video stream to be started or stopped by wireless sensors, PC Computer or Cell Phone text message, schedule or time-lapse events, or stream 24/7. The dual modem feature enables to system to remain in a battery efficient deep sleep mode when the system is not streaming.

System includes external 12V charging port for long field deployment and includes remote battery monitoring. Video stream can be viewed on Smart Phones or Web Browser interface.

The system can be configured with a second analog video camera/DVR and be triggered by PixController Wireless Sensors for instant JPEG photo notification upon streaming event. Includes optional GPS receiver.

IP cameras can be configured from standard fixed zoom, zoom, and PTZ cameras.

The system will capture a photo and email it to you via a cellular network (cellular radio option) or Wi-Fi access point (Wi-Fi radio option) upon motion-activation. Photos are attached to an email using the popular POP3/SMTP protocol. Emails include the time, date, battery level, radio signal strength, and internal unit temperature.

The built-in camera will capture color photos at day and IR stealth photos at night that can be stored on the systems UBS Flash Drive. This battery operated system can last several months in a remote location making it the perfect security device.

The built in DVR will capture full motion video in H.264 format at 640 X 480 @ 30 FPS resolution to the DVRís SD memory card. The user can setup recording time from pre defined recording time to continuous recording as long as the subject is in the target area.

PC software to setup the system is included. Features include day, night, 24 hr. operation, motion or time-lapse activation, delays between photos, option to send a daily status text email giving unit battery life, and a scheduler to disable to system during different times of the day - example: disable the system MON-FRI 8AM - 5PM for jobsite applications.

The system includes a rechargeable 12V battery and charger. Battery life depends on the number of photos taken but typically lasts several months on a single charge. There is an external charging port for solar panels or external batteries to extend field battery life.

The wireless motion sensor option allows the system to be located 50-80 feet away from the motion sensors. There is no limit to the number of wireless motion sensors that can be used.

Contact PixController for pricing at:

Armor cable option available

System Specs

Size: 9-1/4" tall X 7-3/4" wide X 4-1/2" deep
: ~10 Pounds.
Power: 12V 3.4 AH SLA Rechargeable Battery or 8-D Cells (optional)
Wireless Radio: GSM/GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, CDMA (Verizon Only), or WiFi
Capture Device: JPEG Still (640 X 480)
Video Recording: MPEG4 D1 704 X 480 @ 30FPS
Optional GPS: 50 Channel GPS Receiver
Cellular Antenna: External antenna with SMA connector
Battery: 12V 3.5 AH SLA Rechargeable battery and AC wall charger
External Charging Port:
Externally charge with external 12V batteries
Camera: Most NTSC Video Cameras w/ BNC video output and 2.1mm 12V power input. (NTSC Bullet camera included)
Video Camera Cable: 15' Flying lead video cable with standard BNC/2.1mm video camera connections. (armor cable upon request)
Wireless Protocol: SMTP POP3 protocol or FTP protocol




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