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RemoteSteam on-demand Streaming Video System

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M2M Connect Cloud RemoteStream Demo Guide

M2M Connect Cloud Start-Up Guide

On-Demand streaming video
Streaming over 3G/4G LTE, WiFi, or LAN networks
1080P HD H.264 PTZ Camera
20X - 30X Optical Zoom
150M IR Illumination
Customized solar/battery power solutions
Remotely monitor battery level
View video stream on your PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone
Integrate wireless motion sensors detection options

View on PC and Mobile Devices

Solar Powered Solutions


The PixController RemoteStream is an on-demand video streaming solution for remote outdoor locations without AC power. Streaming video in remote locations is challenging due to the power requirements and the expense of streaming video over cellular. The RemoteStream allows you to remotely stream video on-demand when you need it most. Control your system through our M2M Connect Cloud to start/stop video stream and check battery level.

With a simple press of a button you can stream video from your work site to monitor construction progress or be notified when an intruder breaches a perimeter with our wireless sensor technology. Streams  and control video from your PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone.

Ideal for construction site security and time-lapse monitoring the RemoteStream PTZ Iis simple to install and simple to use, and portable across job sites and different angles

Remote control options include turning on/off the video stream, monitor battery level, receiving sensor alarm notifications, and panning/zooming controls for PTZ cameras.

Construction Site Monitoring
Time-Lapse Monitoring
Oil & Gas Site Monitoring
Remote Building and Access Points
Mobile/Portable Industrial Monitoring
Live Wildlife Webcam

View a live RemoteStream demo now by logging into the

M2M Connect Cloud

Custom options available for embedding the video stream on your hosted website. Contact us at for more information.

Video Scheduling

A unique feature of the RemoteStream M2M Connect Cloud configuration software is the ability to schedule times the RemoteStream camera is active. Simply select the times in the schedule grid and the camera will power on and off automatically.

Advanced Features

Embedded video stream with your company logo
Embedded time-lapse stream
Manually start, stop, and re-boot camera
Log into IP camera to move pan-tilt-zoom features
Wireless sensor integration w/ real-time notifications
External alarm & siren integration


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