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UndercoverEye™ Power Box

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Small covert & easy to conceal
Connect 12V devices such as IR Illuminators
Triggered by wireless sensor
Rechargeable 12V Li-Ion battery
Covert night illumination for cameras
Long battery life for long field deployment
Easy to conceal & Easy to use

Deployment scenario using the Power Box to power an IR Illuminator for the UndercoverEye Raptor system

The PixController UndercoverEye™ Power Box is a system designed to power 12V devices such as IR Arrays and/or 12V wireless video transmitter in conjunction with the PixController UndercoverEye MDVR, and UndercoverEye Raptor camera systems.

The PixController UndercoverEye™ Power Box was designed to provide remote IR lighting or turn on a wireless video camera (assuming a video receiver is connected to the PixController UndercoverEye™ MDVR or Raptor camera system) upon trigger from the RF wireless sensor. The Power Box will give the user the ultimate ability to use the PixController UndercoverEye™ product series with an unlimited number of configurations depending on the situation.

The UndercoverEye system utilizes advanced battery savings sleep mode. When system is triggered by a wireless sensor the system automatically switches from sleep mode to active mode. This mode will enable the system to be deployed for long periods of time

The UndercoverEye Power Box system is triggered by any of the PixController wireless sensors. Sensors ranging from PIR motion sensor, pressure plate sensor, vibrations sensor, magnetic contact sensor, and normally open/closed switch contact sensor. For more information on our wireless sensors click here. There is no limit to the number or types of PixController wireless sensors that can be used in deployment of the system.

The UndercoverEye™ Power Box includes a 16’ cable with (3) 2.1mm 12V center positive connectors allowing (3) different 12V devices to be connected to the Power Box. One of the 12V connectors is setup to be powered up only at night via the built in light sensor on the main UndercoverEye™ Power Box unit. This is the connection made when using a IR array to light the area only in darkness.

The UndercoverEye™ Power Box can be buried in the ground and video camera placed in a hidden location for the ultimate covert system. The unit is triggered by PixController wireless sensor product line.

Armor cable option available

System Specs

Case size: 6-3/8” L, 4 3/4” W,  2-1/8” D
: RF Tilt-Swivel Removable Antenna with SMA connector (315 MHz)
RF Wireless Range: 50 – 100 feet depending on obstructions and terrain
External Connections: Up to (3) 12V devices, standard 2.1mm center positive connectors
Battery: Internal 12V 4.5 AH Li-Ion Rechargeable (AC Battery Charger Included)
Sensors (RF Trigger Devices):
PixController Wireless Sensor Product Line
PIR Wireless Motion Sensor Detection Area: 5° Sensing Area at 40-80 Feet Detection
(depending on air temperature and target temperature)
System weight: Under 2 pounds (does not include weight of external components)




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