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Visual Media Explorer 

Free Download (Key: KkQqMOAB03)

Photo Thumbnail Browser

Visual Media Explorer contains all the tools you need for creating, editing, printing, and retouching your digital photos and videos. Using a  friendly and familiar Windows Explorer® type Interface which is easy enough for the casual user who wants to enhance photos taken with trail cameras.

The browser will help you locate, view, and organize your digital photos by displaying each file with a thumbnail view.  Tools are included to view, edit, crop, slide shows, or work with any third-party tools such as Adobe PhotoShop® or PaintShop Pro®.

A thumbnail is a small preview of an image that lets you identify and manage it without opening the actual image. When you navigate through folders using the Visual Media Explorer™ Browser, thumbnails of all images that can be opened by the program appear in the Browser’s Preview Pane.

New! For more information please click here:
Visual Media Explorer™ Flash Animation Tutorials


Version 5.0 Includes:

Create aerial and topographic maps, with markers, from the Microsoft® TerraServer online database.
Save aerial and topographic maps as JPEG images.
Search the Geographical Names Information System (GNIS) database for geographic information about named places in the US.
Upload and download waypoint information to and from Garmin and Magellan brand Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers VIA a RS-232 connection.
Insert GPS waypoints into photo metadata (EXIF) tags.
Insert address, weather, and custom photo metadata (EXIF) tags.
Stamp GPS and Date/Time onto photos.
Load and save GPS waypoints, and add markers to maps.
Add, delete, and edit GPS map markers.

                   With GPS Support!
Always know where and when your photos were taken.

Night Enhance Function

This new feature will enhance those hard- to-see night photos. Our unique "Night Enhance" feature can brighten not only night photos but any low light photo without washing out your photo or losing color.  The "Night Enhance" feature can also be run in batch mode!

Photo Time/Date Stamp & GPS Stamp

One of the most popular features of Visual Media Explorer™ among PixController board users is the Time & Date Stamp feature.  This feature pulls the time and date stored within your electronic image and stamps it onto your photo in a readable format.  You can easily customize the font, color, and font size.  This powerful feature allows you to stamp a whole folder of photos, a single photo, or selected photos.

Photo Functions

Files can be easily moved, copied, re-named, or deleted.  You can right-click on either the Image Thumbnail, or the Folder. This will produce a pop-up menu for more options such as e-mailing your images.

Batch processing is another powerful tool included with Visual Media Explorer™. A "batch" is a group of files, and batch processing performs a set of operations on each file in the batch. A whole collection of images can be converted from one file type to another, can be rotated, compressed, resized, change brightness and contrast, and many more functions.

Photo Enhance
  • Image Display Size - Displays images as full or reduced magnification, or fit the image to the window size.   
  • Color - Change Image Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, Invert, Convert to Grayscale, Change Color Depth...
  • Enhance - Average, Median, Emboss, Posterize, Mosaic, Edge Enhance, Sharpen, plus Spatial and Binary Filters...
  • Image  - Rotation (Left, Right, Flip, or by any Angle), Shear, Resize, Mirror, Un-do last command...
  • TWAIN - Import digital images in from TWAIN supported devices such as scanners and digital cameras.
  • Windows Functions - Copy and Paste to the Windows Clipboard.
  • Printing - Full featured printing output with advanced layout control.  Print Page, Headers/Footers, image captions, and control the image size.
  • Image Information Tab - By selecting this tab you can view the image resolution, file size and date, and edit embedded text comments in supported files types.

Using a photo card reader

A nice addition to your digital trail camera setup is a USB media card reader.  Using a card reader will let you keep your PixController unit in the woods by just swapping media cards when checking the unit.  Otherwise you must use the digital camera to transfer the photos to your computer via the included USB cable.  Please refer to your digital camera manual for information about transferring your photos to your computer.

Using a GPS with your Trail Camera

We recommend
that you use a GPS unit to mark the location of your trail camera. In the summer months especially you can easily lose your unit in the woods.

Secondly, if you do use a GPS unit along with your Trail Camera you can embed the GPS position into the photos taken by the unit with your copy of
Visual Media Explorer™. With Visual Media Explorer™ you can stamp the GPS position on to your photos along with the time/date, and phase of the moon. You can even download aerial photos and topo maps from Microsoft’s Terraserver.

Save your Trail Cameras GPS Position.



Stamp you photos with GPS, Date/Time and Moon Phase information!


Get Aerial photos and Topo maps of your Trail Cameras GPS position.


Digital camera approx. photos per media card

Using your digital camera's high resolution JPEG mode the chart below will give you the approximate number of photos per memory card size. The actual number of photos will vary depending on the total number of colors in the photo, and the quality setting on your digital camera.

Digital Camera Mega Pixel Size

16Mb Card 32Mb Card 64Mb Card 128 Mb Card
1.3 Mega Pixel 45 91 182 365
2.0 Mega Pixel 17 35 71 142
3.2 Mega Pixel 13 26 53 106
4.1 Mega Pixel 8 16 32 64




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