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Product Manuals, Firmware, and Software Updates

Raptor Wireless Systems - *New Updates for M2M Connect Cloud*
    M2M Connect Cloud Upgrade Kit          M2M Connect Cloud (Complete upgrade kit: Updated 2/22/2017)
  M2M Connect Cloud Upgrade Manual
  M2M Connect Cloud Start-Up Manual
  Raptor Firmware V4.12d.HEX File             M2M Cloud Update  (*Updated 3/24/17, Requires Raptor Config V2.15)
  Raptor PC Configuration V2.15 Software   M2M Cloud Update  (*Updated 1/2/17)

  Raptor PC Firmware Bootloader (ds30 Loader) Software 
  Raptor Firmware Update Manual
  Raptor Cellular & WiFi Camera Manual V4.00a       
Wireless Sensors
    Wireless PIR Sensor Manual
  Wireless Switch Sensor Manual
  Wireless Magnetic Switch Sensor Manual
  Wireless Pressure Pad Sensor Manual
  Wireless Vibration Sensor Manual
UndercoverEye Covert Surveillance Systems
    UndercoverEye MDVR Manual
  VLC Media Player - HDD and MDVR Video PC
  UndercoverEye Raptor Cellular Manual (Units shipped before 10-26-10)
  UndercoverEye Raptor Cellular-WiFi V200c Manual
  UndercoverEye PowerBox Manual
  UndercoverEye HDD Manual (discontinued product)
  UndercoverEye Trekker Manual (discontinued product)
  UndercoverEye LANC Trekker Manual (discontinued product)
  MicroD V3.0 Trekker Video Player PC Software

Product Literature
Product Brochures
    Raptor Wireless Cellular Camera
  Raptor RemoteStream
  Raptor RemoteMonitor
  Raptor Qual-Tron System
  UndercoverEye MDVR
  UndercoverEye Raptor Cellular
  UndercoverEye Power Box
  PixController Wireless Sensors

Application Brochures
    UndercoverEye Raptor Cellular Graffiti Surveillance
  UndercoverEye Raptor Cellular Marijuana & Remote Surveillance
  Raptor Cellular Remote Sensor Vandalism Surveillance
  Raptor Cellular Gas & Oil Well Monitoring & Surveillance

PixController, Inc. Company Forms

 PixController, Inc. Forms
    Terms of Sale
  Product Repair Form

Product Archives
    DigitalEye 6.0 MegaPixel Manual (discontinued product)
  DigitalEye 7.0 MegaPixel Manual (discontinued product)
  DigitalEye 12.1 MegaPixel Manual (discontinued product)
  DigitalEye 7.2 & 12.1 MegaPixel Wireless PIR Manual (discontinued product)
  DigitalEye Time-Lapse Module Manual (discontinued product)
  Visual Media Explorer Photo Browser PC Software (Key: KkQqMOAB03)
  Visual Media Software Information
    DVREye Video Camera Manual (discontinued product)
  DVREye Wireless PIR Video Camera Manual (discontinued product)
  VLC Media Player - MPEG4 PC Video Player Software
Remote VideoEye & Custom Products
    Remote VideoEye Manual (discontinued product)
  Remote VideoEye Plus Manual (custom product)
  Sony/Canon LANC Camcorder Controller Manual (custom product)
  Sony/Canon LANC Camcorder NightShot Control - Wireless PIR Controller Manual (custom product)
  XLR Power Connector IR Array/Light Wireless PIR Controller Manual (custom product)
  CellularEye Manual (discontinued product)
  CellularEye Treo Software Manual (discontinued product)
OEM Board Archives
  OEM Boards, Original, Universal, LE, Slave Flash and more (discontinued products)


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