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Archived News & Articles


Flacon Webcam's Installed in Pittsburgh
February 2011

For the second year in a row PixController, Inc. installed the webcam's on the Peregrine Falcon nesting sites at the University of Pittsburgh and Gulf Tower in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. This year PixController, Inc. designed a new and more reliable system over the previous year. This was done in conjunction with the National Aviary and the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

For more information on these cameras click here.

Lily & Hope Black Bear Webcam
December 2010

The design team at PixController, Inc. designed a custom webcam for the Lily & Hope black bear den in Ely, MN. This new webcam system was battery powered and solar charged and streamed the video signal via a cellular data link. This design presented several challenges since the location of the black bear den was on the border of Canada and MN, which meant there would not be a lot of sun light for solar charging, and the cold weather would be hard on the batteries.

On December 31 Bill Powers of PixController, Inc. flew Ely, MN to install the webcam. Kris Modar, one of the webcam designers helped get the camera on-line back in Pittsburgh, PA. Within a few hours the camera was streaming a live video feed from inside the bear den.

The three year old mother black bear, Lily, was in a den site with her last years cub, Hope, but scientist Dr. Lynn Rogers believed that Lily was pregnant. This would be a very rare occurrence if Lily was pregnant seeing black bears only give birth every 2 years. If she was pregnant none of the scientist knew what Hope would do with the new born cubs.

On January 21, 2011 Hope gave birth to two cubs and ten of thousands of views witnessed this live on the Internet. For more on this story click here

Discovery Channel "Hogs Gone Wild" Series
November 2010

PixController, Inc. supplied the LA Producers, Film Garden, of the new Discovery Channel series "Hogs Gone Wild" several Raptor Cellular cameras and DVREye Video systems to be used on the series. This new series covered the growing problem of feral hogs in the United States. The crew and producers filmed the series in Hawaii, Texas, Georgia, and Florida. For more information see the Discovery Channel series link here.

Animal Planet "Finding Bigfoot" Series
June 2010

In October of 2009 PixController, Inc. was contacted by TV producers Ping Pong Productions from LA about being involved with a new series for Animal Planet. This would involve an on-camera role and require us to travel to several of the filming locations. In June of 2010 the series was approved by Animal Planet, and Bill Powers from PixController, Inc. flew to Prince of Whales Island in Alaska for two weeks to film the pilot episode of the new series "Finding Bigfoot". Powers setup some 30 cameras be brought along which included the Raptor Cellular system, DVREye video system, and DigitalEye still photo system.

In February of 2011 Animal Planet approved a 6-part series. Powers flew to the first two locations in NC and GA for filming. The PixController cameras were used to search for evidence of bigfoot in the series. While this wasn't a creature Powers believed in it was a wonderful opportunity for the company. For more information on the Finding Bigfoot series click here.

Export company's webcams follow black bear, cub
May 16, 2010
When Bill Powers set up a camera to record the movements of deer and raccoons in his Murrysville backyard in 2004, he never imagined that his work would someday have a worldwide following of nearly 1 million viewers.

But a female bear in Minnesota changed all that.

For months, Powers' motion-activated cameras have been streaming live video on the Internet of Lily, a 3-year-old black bear who denned in Ely, Minn., and her cub, Hope, whose Jan. 22 birth was captured by Powers' Export-based company, PixController Wildlife Webcam.

Full article link:
Pittsburgh Tribune Review, PixController, Inc. Sunday May 16, 2010

First Ever Wi-Fi Trail Camera/Remote Security Camera System
March 2010

We pleased to announce the release of the new Raptor WiFi Camera System. The Raptor Wi-Fi camera system is a first of its kind. This camera unit will capture a photo upon motion-activation and transmit the photo through a Wi-Fi Access Point, "Hot Spot". No dedicated PC base station is needed! Photos are attached to an email using the popular POP3/SMTP protocol, or can be sent via FTP to a web server. Emails include the time, date, battery level, radio signal strength, and internal unit temperature. GPS option will send GPS location and Google Aerial Photos of camera location. Click here for more information...

PixController products featured on MonsterQuest
March 2010

We just received word from the producers of the popular History Channel show, MonsterQuest, that they will be airing an episode titled "Sierra Sasquatch" on March 17th that will feature our camera equipment. This is our second season working with the History Channel's popular TV show. This year the show will feature PixController's UndercoverEye covert camera systems which are typically used for remote law enforcement applications. Please check your local listings for airing times.


Lily the Black Bear gives birth Live on Webcam Feed
January 22, 2010

For the first time in history the birth of a black bear cub has been broadcast live over the Internet thanks to a special webcam designed by PixController, Inc. On Friday January, 22 at around 12:30 PM Eastern Time Lily the black bear gave birth to at least one cub live. There were around 25,000 people watching the birth of her cub which is broadcast through the servers at Click here to read more...

Rare Sumatran Tiger and cubs captured with PixController DVREye
January 11, 2010

Jakarta, Indonesia – Camera traps deep in the Sumatran jungle have Agung, Member of WWF-Indonesia's Tiger Research Team installing video trap captured first-time images of a rare female tiger and her cubs, giving researchers unique insight into the elusive tiger’s behaviour.After a month in operation, specially designed video cameras installed by WWF-Indonesia’s researchers seeking to record tigers in the Sumatran jungle caught the mother tiger and her cubs on film as they stopped to sniff and check out the camera trap.

Click here to play the Tiger Video

Click here for the WWF Press-Release

Live Black Bear Den Webcam
Press Release: January 8, 2010, PixController, Inc.

For the first time ever the entire world will have access to a streaming live webcam feed from inside the den of a wild hibernating female black bear named Lily. Located near Ely, MN, researchers say there is a better than average chance she will give birth to 1-pound cubs around mid Jan. The birth of bear cubs has never been filmed in the wild. Film/video producer Doug Hajicek, in conjunction with the North American Bear Center and PixController, Inc., is embarking on this second attempt to do it.  Click here to read more...

Click here to watch the Black Bear Den Webcam

PixController, Inc. Introduces New Raptor Wireless Cameras Series
November 23, 2009

PixController introduces the new Raptor Wireless Camera Systems. The Raptor System is the only camera system on the market today that can transmit photos using Cellular, Wi-Fi, or Long Range Point-to-Point Wireless radios. Raptor Systems are completely upgradable. In fact a Raptor system can be configured with all three wireless radio options. Click here to read more...

Download Raptor Wireless Camera Press Release

PixController cameras featured on the History Channel MonsterQuest Series
October 9, 2009

PixController, Inc. is working with the History Channel's popular TV show MonsterQuest. Our cameras were recently featured in the "CURSE OF THE MONKEY MAN" filmed in India and aired June 10th, 2009. We are also part of season 4 in 2010. Stay tuned for airing dates.

PixController participates in the Austin Dam BioBlitz
October 29-30, 2009

An army of students, talented scientists and folks of all ages will convene at the Austin Dam Memorial Park to identify as many species of life as possible in an engaging, 30-hour period. You are invited! Hosted by Austin Area School District in cooperation with the Austin Dam Memorial Association, Patterson Lumber Co., Austin Borough, Potter-McKean Cooperative Extension, Potter County Conservation District, Dominion Resources, God's Country Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and more. Click here to read more...

TLC partners with local business for lesson
March 26, 2008

The sixth-grader participated in an eight-week course titled "What's in Your Backyard" at Total Learning Center in Murrysville, which had him studying the various wildlife that lives in Murrysville.  Patricia Sheahan, director of Total Learning Center, teamed up with Murrysville resident Bill Powers and his PixController business to lead the program. Powers' company sells motion sensor cameras to capture wildlife footage. Click here to read more...


PixController, Inc. Featured in "IN Murrysville" Publication
December 1, 2008

PixController, Inc. featured in the Winter issue of the "IN Murrysville" publication. Click here to read more...

Remote HD Cameras capture
STS-126 Endeavour Launch
November 14, 2008

Wins an Emmy for "Technical Achievement"
November 5, 2008

PixController, Inc. designed custom remote HD camera controllers which enabled Dave Sirak, news operations manager WFTV Television of Orlando, FL to capture the first ever NASA Space Shuttle launches in HD. The NASA HD camera project was nominated for an Emmy for "Technical Achievement" in 2008. Four HD video cameras were set off simultaneously from several miles away at the moment of launch. The HD video cameras were placed several hundred yards from the launch site a couple days before the actual launch. At the moment of the launch sequence Dave Sirak was able to send a remote command to start all four HD video cameras recording at the same time. This was the first time the NASA Space Shuttle Launch was captured with a HD video camera in this manner.

December 6, 2008 - Updated

We just received this email from Dave Sirak. He sent this to all people involved with the project:


I was awarded an 2008 Suncoast Regional Technical Achievement Emmy tonight for the remote HD camera systems I created to record the space shuttle launches.

Please accept my sincere thanks for all of your help and guidance in contributing to this honor.

Bruce Wiley, the reporter who shot, wrote and edited the story was also awarded an Emmy for the story he produced for

Thanks again,

Dave Sirak
WFTV Television

PixController, Inc. setup 14 motion-activated camera systems for the event capturing 436 photos of 13 different types of mammals.


PixController Inc. in Murrysville has developed motion-sensing cameras that have been used to capture videos and stills of wildlife, worldwide. The small, self-contained units are assembled in Murrysville and designed by Bill Powers, right, who is with his wife, Donna.
Murrysville video firm gives a window to wild - Remote cameras peek at rare species
July 5, 2008

Emerging from jungle darkness into full view, a Javan rhinoceros and her calf casually inspect their surroundings -- that is, until the mother senses something amiss.
She stares straight into the lens of the hidden video camera that's filming her.

And, as the film shows, rhinos don't tolerate trespassers, living or technological. She sniffs before attacking, and the video blinks, then dies.

But the system, developed by an upstart Murrysville company, successfully captured the first video of Javan rhinos in the wild -- a sizable accomplishment, given there are only about 60 known to exist.

Click here for full story

PixController DVREye Video System captures rare Javan Rhino
May 28, 2008

JAKARTA--After just a month in operation, specially designed video cameras installed to capture wildlife footage in the jungles of South East Asia have twice recorded remarkable images of a mother and child pair of the world's rarest rhino.

But the success was not without incident as after a short inspection, the rhino mother charged the camera installation in Ujung Kulon National Park and sent it flying.

"With fewer than 60 Javan rhinos left in the wild, we believe this footage was well worth the risk to our equipment," said Adhi Rachmat Hariyadi, who leads WWF-Indonesia's project in Ujung Kulon National Park. “It’s very unusual to catch a glimpse of the Javan rhinos deep inside the rain forest. The motion triggered infrared video traps are a useful way to observe them and the ways they use their habitat in a more detailed way."

Recordings of the Javan rhino are the highlight so far of the installation over recent months of improved wildlife recording video cameras developed by US-based PixController Inc. In its pioneering phase in Malaysia, the new system has already provided footages of rare Malayan tigers in the wild and a Sumatran Rhino in Borneo.

Click here for full story

PixController products used to capture Space shuttle Endeavour launch
March 11, 2008

Today’s space shuttle launch, Space shuttle Endeavour, had a local Pittsburgh Connection. PixController, Inc. of Murrysville, PA, a company which develops and manufactures various camera control systems sent (4) custom remote triggered camera controllers to Dave Sirak, News Operations Manager for WFTV Television News in Orlando Florida.

David was granted special access to today’s launch by NASA to setup his (4) remote triggered high end camcorder systems, which were setup to capture (4) different angles of the launch at the launch pad, which no one can have access to. These (4) video camcorders would then be triggered remotely from 4 ½ miles away at launch time to capture this amazing footage.

Space shuttle Endeavour was launched from Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) at 2:28 a.m. EDT (0628 GMT) Tuesday morning. Commander Dominic Gorie will lead the STS-123 crew on a record-breaking 16-day mission to the space station.

David said, “I will be taking a lot of behind the scenes photos and video and you are welcome to all of it. You can also use any of the photos I have posted on Flickr if you want to do something before the launch.

When asked how the remote camera triggers functioned at launch time David said, “Very well, 3 of the 4 cameras worked perfectly. The 4th started but stopped after a couple of minutes. Despite the single failure I am very pleased. We will be posting some clips on very soon if not already”

David posted these photos STS-122 Atlantis Roll Out to Launch Pad 39A:

Click on the following photos to see each angle of the Space shuttle Endeavour launch recorded:
STS-123 Remote Camera A
Click to play

STS-123 Remote Camera B
Click to play

STS-123 Remote Camera C
Click to play


Bald Eagle caught on video near Pittsburgh, PA
March 2008


A rare site as a Bald Eagle was caught on an unattended motion-activated video system in Westmoreland County, PA. Bill Powers of PixController, Inc. setup one of the companies DVREye motion-activated video units to capture wildlife near their company location just outside of Pittsburgh. Capturing a 2 minute clip of a Bald Eagle on it's migration path up to Canada for their breading season was truly exciting. The extent of wildlife in our area is just amazing. This video was featured at the "Video of the week" by Pittsburgh, PA's WPXI Channel 11 News Station in March of 2008.

Murrysville Web cam named one of world's best
February 2008

Bill Powers finds himself in the company of Vatican City and Times Square. His PixController Wildlife Web cam was touted as one of the 25 Most Interesting Webcams for 2007 by EarthCam, a Web cam network based in Hackensack, N.J. More than 5,000 web cams were judged.

Powers, who says he has always loved wildlife, is president/CEO of PixController Inc., a company that markets motion-activated cameras. So the Murrysville man combined the two to provide a window to wildlife for himself and others. He placed two wireless cameras in the woods behind their home. They capture the activities of deer, raccoons, wild turkeys, foxes and whatever else might wander by.

For more information please see the following news articles:
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Saturday, February 16, 2008
Penn-Franklin News, Murrysville, PA, December 19, 2007
Murrysville Star, Murrysville, PA, December 19, 2007

 Winner EarthCam's 25 Most Interesting Webcams 2007
EarthCam's long awaited list honors worldwide camera producers for creativity, technology, visual quality and design chooses
PixController's WebCam

PixController Webcam was chosen EarthCam's 25 Most Interesting Webcams for 2007
December 2007

See official press release here: EarthCam Award

EarthCam is pleased to announce that your webcam has been chosen by our panel of VIP judges and producers as one of EarthCam's 25 Most Interesting Webcams for 2007. EarthCam producers search through more than 5,000 webcams throughout the year to choose 125 semi-finalists that a VIP panel of judges votes on to select the winners.

This 9th annual list includes the most unique and compelling webcams in the world. Selected from thousands of nominees, winners were judged on quality of image, uniqueness of content and overall technical achievements in webcam technology.

PixController Wildlife Webcam: Whitetail Deer, raccoons, wild turkeys and gray foxes wander through the western Pennsylvania woods in Murrysville and two wireless cameras including one turned on by nearby motion capture their activities all day. The site is an excellent example of a place where technology meets the environment.

You can view the winning webcam's here:

Thank you to all the members who have helped make this webcam popular and enjoy watching it!

On a side note the PixController Wildlife WebCam was voted a Top 10 WebCam site by EarthCam on November 2007.


New Trail Camera Kits

PixController, Inc. will discontinue OEM Board, Parts, and Kit Sales in 2008
December 2007

All of us at PixController would like to thank each of you for another great year. As you know, this has been an extraordinary year with the release of many exciting new products. From our DVREye and DVREye Wireless to our Remote VideoEye, we continue to provide our customers the best in ground breaking technology.

We are once again in the midst of exciting changes. With one visit to our website you will see changes to our trail camera kits. While these kits are undeniably some of the best on the market, they won't be around for long. Revamping the kits is just one interim step toward our ultimate goal of exclusively selling complete camera systems. While this will undoubtedly disappoint some, we feel that it is best to focus our time and talents in this direction. Our strength as a company lies in our ability to produce top-of-the-line, cutting edge products. Focusing our attention in one direction will allows us to continue with this mission to create and innovate.

Starting early 2008, we will discontinue all sales of our boards, parts, and kits, focusing only on our complete systems. We will send out a reminder a few weeks beforehand so everyone can get their "last chance" items... and then we will begin our new venture. Again, a big thank you to our loyal customers. We hope to see you all for many years to come!

PixController, Inc. Company Featured in North American Hunter Magazine NOV, 2007 Issue
November 2007

David Mass (NAH Managing Editor) -PixController, Inc. had it's popular DigitalEye IR model digital trail camera featured in the "Picture Perfect" article written by David Mass in the November, 2007 issue North American Hunter Magazine. David and his wife put the DigitalEye IR trail camera to perfection in scouting and harvesting a larger Kansas 10-point in the 2006 archery season.

Click here to read: PAGE 1
Click here to read: PAGE 2

PixController, Inc. Company Featured in Gateway Publishing Oct. 17th Issue
October 2007

Tom McGee (Staff Writer October 17, 2007) -When nature calls, Bill Powers of Murrysville always answers ... by picking up the phone. It's not unusual for Powers, the owner and president of PixController Inc., to pick up his phone to discover pictures of deer, turkeys, foxes and even black bears that have been sent from an unmanned camera in the woods.

For Powers, these calls of the wild are research.

PixController sells motion-activated cameras that take pictures or record video. Marketed to hunters and wildlife groups, the devices are intended to document the animals that visit a specific territory....

Click here to read the: Murrysville Star Article

PixController, Inc. awarded Government Grant for building Surveillance systems for the Appalachian Trail
October 2007

PixController, Inc. was recently awarded a Government Grant by the National Parks System for construction it's new Groundhog surveillance systems to catch illegal ATV use on the Appalachian Trail. The 2,175-mile Appalachian National Scenic Trail, a 250,000-acre greenway extending from Maine to Georgia has had extensive damage done by illegal ATV riding. The new PixController UndercoverEye™, which is an remote unattended video surveillance system only sold to Law Enforcement Agencies, will be used for this task.

Large black bear spotted in Murrysville PA
October 2007

Bill Powers, founder of PixController, Inc., was testing one of their new motion-activated wildlife video system products, the DVREye™; which captured about ten minutes of this impressive black bear. The bear is estimated to weigh around 300 pounds. The video was captured on October 5 at 3:30 AM about 50 yards from houses in the Marlee Acres housing plan in Murrysville, PA.

Click here for full story

PixController featured in August, 2007 issue of "Bear Hunting Magazine"
August 2007

Read Jim Gaskins article about "Building your own Trail Camera" featured in the August/September 2007 issue of "Bear Hunting Magazine".

Click here to read the article:
   Page 1
   Page 2

The new Remove VideoEye™
July 2007

The PixController Remote VideoEye™ is a wireless remote control device which can control any Sony or Canon camcorders with the LANC editing port. The Remote VideoEye™ consists of a small waterproof box, RF wireless receiver unit, and LANC port for connecting your user supplied camcorder. A handheld remote control unit is included to control the Remote VideoEye™ from a wireless distance up to 180 feet. The unit is powered by 4 AA batteries which will last all season long.

The Remote VideoEye™ is the perfect for tool for capturing video without needing another camera man. Filming wildlife documentaries or hunting videos will now take on a whole new and exciting look. You can now film “never before seen” angles of your hunt or wildlife documentary. Imagine a video camera setup from ground filming the shot from a tree stand all controlled from the hunter or camera man in the tree stand.

Click here for more information


PixController, Inc. attends first ever Animal Tracking Seminar at Princeton University
May 2007

Bill Powers (CEO) - We , Hank Lentz (Senior Engineer) and myself, were given an invite to attend the first ever Animal Tracking Seminar by Roland Kays, Ph.D. Curator of Mammals, New York State Museum. About 90 people were in attendance from all over the world from England, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Switzerland, and India. All of the major US universities seemed to be in attendance such as Harvard, Princeton, UCLA, Oregon, and many others.

Most of the workshop seemed to be centered around radio tracking of animals with many different techniques of radio designs. Much of this was way over my head (less for Hank) and a bit intimidating. After the all day talks the first day there was a Poster Session that evening where Hank and I presented a Poster on "LARGE AREA REMOTE VIDEO MONITORING USING MULTIPLE WIRELESS MOTION SENSORS". This was basically a design using our RF controller to position a Pan-Tilt-Zoom video camera around to different areas using the X10 sensors as trigger locations. This would give you the ability to cover a large area with a single video camera. On the back end of the system you can add video tape decks, DVR, wireless video transmitters, cellular modems... Many things to make this function as you'd need.

You can download a PDF version of the Poster by clicking here

We were also given a table at the Poster Session to put out all of our toys, which all of the guys there seemed to like seeing.

I hope they hold this again next year and we are given the option to attend again. I think Hank and I could present a very good paper giving a spin on using trail cameras for tracking by embedding location information within the JPEG photos as they are taken and putting all of this information into a database. This is kind of where I was going with Visual Media Explorer, and much of this does already exist in this software application now.

First Ever Sumatran Rhino Captured on Video!
April 2007

This amazing "first ever" 2-minute video of a rare Borneo Rhino captured using a PixController motion-activated video controller making International News! On March 29, 2007 we received an email from a very excited Stephen Hogg of WWF-Malaysia stating:

"The really great news is I have had one of your boards set in the forest in Borneo for some time now trying to get the Sumatran Rhino as you may be aware. Well after the trip last year that turned out to be a disaster if you remember after the board broke down before we could get the unit set after we were dropped by helicopter into the site and took forever to walk back out ha ha I will never live that one down haha. Any way we have had another one set and I retrieved it last Friday and yes we got it the first ever wild Sumatran Rhino caught on video trap, 2 mins of heaven it is awesome it really is I cannot tell you how good this footage is it just cannot be better".

Click here full story!


PixController featured in March, 2007 issue of "Bear Hunting Magazine"
March 2007

Trail Cams - See Who's Coming to Dinner
Jim Gaskins - I am a field editor for Bear Hunting Magazine. My latest article (March/April) is a discussion about the use of trail cams. I was given a lot of help by Josh Johnson, one of the owners of Spot Hogg Archery Products and from Bill and Donna Powers, the owners of PixController, Inc. I'll post the article below in case you're interested.

My article for May/June 2007 is entitled, "Digital Trail Photography - The Future Has Arrived". This article discusses building your own trail cam, a DIY product. It also highlights PixController, Inc. since they provide virtually everything you need to do-it-yourself at home. I will be happy to post that article too.

If you aren't familiar with Bear Hunting Magazine, you should check it out: Bear Hunting Mag.

Click here to read the article

        PixController TV sponsored TV Shows for 2007
January 2007

PixController, Inc. will sponsor Footprint Productions,, and Good Ole Boys Outdoor, TV shows and publications for the 2007 season. Please visit the sponsored links for TV airing times and more information.


PixController Products helping study Tasmanian Devil Cancer Problems
December 2006

Jeff La Valette (Tasmania, Australia) -
(Disease can be seen on the face of both of these individuals - which is the cause of ongoing research by DPIWE and the Devil Taskforce) See more reading Jeff's Blog Site which has photos and videos using PixController Digital/Video motion-activate products.

For more information please see:
  Tasmanian Devils Decimated by Mystery Cancer - National Geographic
  Save the Tanzanian Devil


PixController in the Duluth News Tribune
December 2006

Read PixController customer Steve Fikes trail camera article in the December 31, 2006 issue of the Duluth, MN "Duluth News Tribune"

PixController sponsors the new Wild Wisconsin TV Show
September 2006

PixController, Inc. sponsors a one of a kind TV show, "Wild Wisconsin", which films hunting shows and airs them only one week after filming. This is very difficult since every other hunting TV show uses footage from the previous season. Read more about Wild Wisconsin here.

PixController announces the first DVR video scouting camera
July 2006


Product PDF Flyer

With another first from PixController, Inc. we are pleased to announce the "worlds first" DVR video scouting camera, the DVREYE! The new PixController DVREYE (Digital Video Recorder) is a complete (PIR) motion triggered video recording system.

The advantages the DVREYE has over traditional camcorder motion event recording systems are that the video camera switches to full color during daylight hours and stealth IR mode for night recording automatically with IR illumination out to 60+ feet. Sound is also recorded with your video, which is a very important feature when recording wildlife especially. Being that there are no mechanical parts for running camcorder tape recording the DVREYE can be used in much lower temperature conditions where a camcorder will often freeze, and it can be used in much more humid weather conditions where a camcorder can be damaged by moisture, and will power up much faster than camcorders will.

Wolverines in the Arctic
May 2006

PixController customer Jeremi Skelton captures a rare site of Wolverines in the Artic. Click here to see the photos and read his story.


PixController, Inc. introduces "Worlds First" Cellular Trail Camera
April 2005

The new PixController CellularEye trail camera system will revolutionize the way you scout your next trophy deer, research wildlife, or protect your property with the best "mobile" security camera on the market today! Advanced integrated PIR motion detector the CellularEye will capture a full color digital photo (up to 1.3 mega pixels with the new Treo 700p) and email it to your PC or cell phone within one minute after motion is detected. You will know instantly when that trophy deer or trespasser passes in front of your camera.


Boon & Crocket deer taken in Ohio with use of scouting cameras
October 2004

Dave Conrad with his before and after photos of this amazing 190" class Boon & Crocked whitetail deer taken in Ohio this archery season! With the aid of his new PixController Universal trail camera system Dave was able to capture some great photos of this deer before the season started. Click here to read the his story, and check out our Photo section to see the rest of these photos.

  Large black bear spotted in Murrysville PA
May 2004

With the use of a PixController LANC camcorder system with IR light and a digital trail camera the Powers family was able to see what was getting into their bird feeder at night! Click here to read more.



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